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The RED Network, is an independent research network building the RED early warning system composed of 17 Research and Civil Society Organisations in EU Member States. It aims at critically recording and fighting stereotypes, which are the causes of racist and discriminatory attitudes, speech, actions and violent incidents. It perceives itself as a ‘watchdog’ and a reliable source of information.

The RED project target group is ultimately the wide public for what concerns dominant or emerging public perceptions, attitudes, misunderstandings, misinformation and intolerant stereotypes. Mainly to be accomplished through targeting of expert publics and media operators/policy makers in order to shift or reverse and make more efficient and relevant their response to racism and discrimination.

The general aim of the RED network - and as a consequence its major contribution - is to address the gaps in the current socio-political state of research regarding the support of timely and effective policy responses to issues of racism, discrimination and integration of socially marginalized minorities. RED will tackle the lack in continuous monitoring systems and alert mechanisms on racist and discriminatory developments in selected EU countries.

It will achieve its aims by:

  • Providing through the dynamic interactive tools of the RED web portal and the RED Atlas and early-warning system on racism and discrimination, fast, real-time, straight-forward information on the situation and developments, as well as on relevant policies and legislation in EU Member States. The RED system is built as an on line EU comparative tool with infinite possibilities for cross-correlating data and customisable reports, accessible to experts and the general public.
  • Signalling emergencies as a ‘watchdog’ related to the development of novel social phenomena through its holistic, well documented and cross-cutting approach, in each country and in the European society as a whole.
  • Promoting understanding of how racism and discrimination grows and develops by recording, analyzing and interpreting racist and discriminatory stereotypes, rhetoric, as well as the pervasiveness and transformation of these phenomena.
  • Fighting, debunkering and breaking therefore the vicious circle of fear, misunderstandings and unrespectful attitudes, actions and speech present in the EU public spheres through showing their negative consequences for social cohesion and inclusion and promoting a better cross-community understanding, which helps to counter these negative developments in cooperation with expert (media) and the general public.
  • Support and encourage early, informed and therefore effective design of policies, while the causes for policy change are made visible and directly perceivable to the wide public aiming at a multiple impact in the national and EU public democratic sphere.

Main deliverables – outputs:

  • RED Network web portal and early-warning system. Map-based and providing straight forward information to expert and unskilled users and will be disseminated to targeted publics through e-tools, conferences and public events.
  • RED Atlas of racism and discrimination in EU
  • RED breaking news/ alerts/developing now reports
  • RED library of most authoritative and relevant reports sources of information and important documents for racism, discrimination and equality in the Member States
  • RED thesaurus of frequent, new and old, emerging and transforming racist stereotypes of ethnic and cultural groups, migrant and social minorities who are victimised or at risk of victimisation.

Portuguese team:

Tiago Ralha

Isabel Freitas

Elisa Silva

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