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Today, innovation is, more than ever, an integral part of economic and business development. The coming together of knowledge and technique is an essential aspect of a global market characterised by the free circulation of goods, knowledge and people. Taguspark, as the first science and Technology Park in Portugal, inherently has the functions of supporting innovation and promoting transfer processes between science and technology, between knowledge centres and companies.

Númena has, since its inception, been involved in monitoring the development of this technological centre, paying special attention to the way that Taguspark integrates and encourages R&D activities. The data series thus created has allowed us to analyse, in an evolutionary and systematic way, the profile of the park in terms of the organisations established therein and to set the performance of these organisations against the general panorama of R&D in Portugal.

The composition of the team looking after this project has changed over the years.  The person who is really in charge of the project is, without doubt, Elisabete Brigadeiro, but during the interregnum when other duties called her away, it was up to Edite Rosário and Tiago Santos to look after the study.

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