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Through a questionnaire survey* of the members of the public in a Beira Litoral municipality carried out in 2001, Númena was able not only to describe the political opinions and voting intentions of electors on the voting roll there but could also analyse the relationship between those variables and some factors which enables us to make a more in-depth reading of the context and, most importantly, construct and test a political alienation index based on which it is possible to chart socially the disenchantment and feeling of abandonment in light of public affairs and how these are managed.

This project, which was the first one done after Númena had been created, was under the responsibility of Tiago Santos and Tito Damião.

* Telephone survey with random selection of residence using fixed telephone numbers and selection of person to be interviewed based on a quota plan resulting from cross-linked layering of the variables gender, age, main activity and, in the case of working people, sector of activity and professional situation. A total of 367 interviews were included in the survey.

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