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The M.I.T.I. – Migrants’ Integration Territorial Index project is co-financed by the European Union within the INTI programme (Preparatory Actions for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals). It involves the participation of entities from five countries, namely Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Portugal. The promoting organisation is IDOS – Centro Studi e Ricerche and the official Portuguese representative is the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). For the implementation of the activities proposed in the work plan IOM has commissioned Númena's research and consulting services in the area of social sciences.

The general objectives of the project are the development and operationalization of a methodology capable of measuring the level of integration of migrants, both at the national and regional levels. Through the identification and comparison ofdifferent models the project aims at a better comprehension of the concept of integration.

Through the creation of indexes, will be tested within the different participating Member-States an analysis method based on fundamental factors to quantify the potential of integration of migrants in the territorial context. Namely, a ‘Polarisation Index’, a ‘Social Stability Index’ and, finally, a ‘Labour Integration Index’.

The first phase is the identification of sources and the gathering of information and followed by the application of the methodology at the national level. In a second phase the selection of indexes will focus in a more micro context, regional and metropolitan. The project will be participated through the periodical presentation of working papers, the organisation of workshops and transnational meetings between partners. 

The second meeting was carried out in Lisbon, on the 1st and 2nd of February and it was useful for the consolidation of a common analysis grid based on the specificities of each participating Member-State.

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