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This research study considers the discriminatory experiences undergone by immigrants and minority ethnic groups. The project is promoted by the EUMC and currently covers the entire EU15. The carrying out of the project in Portugal was awarded, in an international public tender, to a Númena team made up of Catarina Oliveira, Rahul Kumar and Tiago Santos (coordinator). This team also obtained the support of the National Statistics Institute (INE) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES), through an agreement between these organisations concerning the ceding of statistical data and research activities, and the Employment and Vocation Training Institute (IEFP), in the form of a jointly financed training grant awarded to Dr. Kumar.

The methodology is quantitative and is based on a questionnaire survey of samples representing four immigrant groups and one national ethnic minority, namely citizens of Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and Ukraine who live in Portugal, and Portuguese Roma. The EUMC has now published online a report that combines information relative to 12 EU countries.

The results of the research done in Portugal have been published by Númena and presented publicly on 22 of March 2009. The digital version of the publication can be downloaded here.

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