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Project I3: Third Country Immigrant Integration Indicators is the result of a partnership between institutions in six European Union countries: Germany, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Portugal. The project is being run under the
INTI programme and its promoter is the Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, represented by the General Directorate for Immigrant Integration. The official Portuguese representative is the High Commissariat for Migrations and Ethnic Minorities and this has used Númena’s research and consulting services in the area of social sciences to carry out the work involved in this project.

The general project objective is to contribute to monitoring immigrant integration policies on a European level, proposing a set of relevant indicators which are common on the European scale and which incorporate visions of integration from both the local point of view and from the perspective of the immigrants themselves, paying special attention to the matter of gender.

The work plan foresees the collection of information for the identification of sources and analysis of existing data in each Member State regarding the integration of third country immigrants, the preparation of working papers, workshops with immigrants, the validation of the chosen indicators by well-informed people (politicians and academics) and trans-national meetings between partners and beneficiaries.  The objective is to produce a final proposal for European Immigrant Integration Indicators and a recommendations’ guide.

The Númena team involved in this project comprises Edite Rosário and Tiago Santos.

For more information we recommend readers to consult the project’s Internet web-site.

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