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Númena opened a permanent pool of collaborators with the purpose of: a) promoting recruitment; b) support external employment; c) improve team building ad hoc with the objective of preparing applications to finance research projects; d) promote interactions in order to develop research areas within Númena.

Given Númena’s particularities, these last two items seem more feasible. Númena work logic is, on the one hand, associative, and on the other, project related. It is therefore easier for someone to use Númena as an institutional platform to launch a project then to be recruited for an ongoing project. Númena’s statutes can be found here.

Although the activity developed by Númena throughout its existence has remained mostly centred on multidisciplinary approaches to the subjects of migrations, minorities and xenophobia, its scope includes Social and Human Sciences in the broader sense. We therefore invite researchers with diverse profiles, interests and experiences to send us their CVs (preferably in Europass format) with a few key-words that describe your main areas of interest.

The e-mail contact is:

Although we have a considerable network of contacts in the scientific community, we have opted not to spam people with this advert. Alternatively, we ask the readers to share this information within their social circle. Thank you.

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