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Sociology degree awarded by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1995. Master’s degree in Population and Human Ecology Studies at the same university in 1999. Post-graduate qualification in Migrations, Ethnicity and Racism from the Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.

Distinguished with a research scholarship by the erstwhile JNICT in the context of the PRAXIS project that encompassed her Masters's dissertation, she opted to decline this prize in favour of participating in social intervention projects developed by a partnership between the Fundação Marquês de Pombal and the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.

Later on, she joined SociNova as a project manager. At that research unit she was part of several teams carrying out research in the areas of urban renewal, re-housing, social integration, criminality, insecurity and violence.

As an associate of Númena, she has prepared proposals, occupied management positions and undertaken research in various projects. Edite coordinates the education sector of Númena’s participation in the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia RAXEN network. She was in charge of the 2003 edition of the Taguspark Users’ Characterisation Study; and in November 2005 took on the role of main researcher in the team responsible for supporting ACIME in the I3: Indicators of Immigrants' Integration network.

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