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Tiago Santos already held a research scholarship in 1997, when he graduated in sociology with a thesis on the social construction of the poet Fernando Pessoa as a public and literary figure, and has remained a practitioner of this craft up to the present day. Over the years, he has co-authored several research projects which have received both public and private funding. He became involved in the founding of Númena with the objective of thus creating a temporary autonomous research zone or, at least, a momentary respite from the iron law of academic oligarchies.

Tiago’s main research interest is the development of a theoretical perspective in which classic sociological variables such as gender, age, class, ethnic grouping or religion can be looked upon as instruments that social agents make use of in the creation of gratifying balances between the twin universal drives for identity and distinction.

He is concerned with finding out in what circumstances classification criteria gain or lose importance in tracing out social borders. Under this perspective, modernity is a process with technological roots (notably Guttenberg’s invention of moveable type in 1448) whose social significance results from the multiplication of the symbolic resources available to be used in defining borders. Resulting from this interest, Tiago pays particular attention to the relationship between social status and cultural consumption, which is the main theme of the master's degree he was awarded in 2007.

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