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Having concluded his degree in Psychology at the University of Lisbon in 1996, he worked in the fields of marketing and advertising, human resources and training, keeping alongside a collaboration with book editors in the translation and technical revision of books in the fields of psychology and religion.
In 2002, he starts an M.D. in Anthropology of Colonialism and Post-Colonialism, in the Institute of Labour and Business Sciences, where he studies syncretic processes involved in the Afro-Brazilian religious movements. Alongside, his interest in Portuguese messianism, new religious movements and religious syncretism was put to practice in the editing of books, the authorship of articles and the organisation of events subordinated to these themes.
After some sporadic collaborations with Númena, he became an effective associate in 2007, as the Portuguese representative of the ‘Pilgrimage Project’, a multidisciplinary network of researchers aiming to explore the phenomenon of pilgrimage in various European holy places. He also collaborates with the construction of the Resource Centre for Anti-Discrimination, namely in the gathering of information on Religion, Beliefs and Secularism.

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