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Nuno Medeiros was born in Lisbon in 1973, having graduated in Sociology at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences of the New University of Lisbon. He has just achieved his Master’s degree in Sociology at the same faculty, under the title of ‘Portuguese Publishing and Publishers. Prescriptions, trajectories and dynamics (1940-1960)’.
One of his research interests is, therefore, in the scope of sociology and history of culture, with a specific focus in the field of publishing, bookselling and reading, being co-author of two research projects adressing the study of reading and its communities (both financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology): ‘Through the Looking Class – a relational approach of the social inscription of reading’ (1999-2000) and ‘Sociology of reading in Portugal in the 20th century’ (2001-2003). In this field, he published several articles.
Another line of research he has been exploring is sociology and anthropology of health and the health professions, having published articles as author and co-author. It is within this framework that he has been developing his teaching curricula, at the Lisbon Higher School of Health Technology of the Lisbon Polytechnic Institute, both in undergraduate and graduate levels, including his most recent venture, the coordination of the ‘Health and Multiculturality’ course.
More recently, his attention tends to fall also upon sociology and history of food, where he aims to deepen an approach to two investigative dimensions: the relation between food and the social sciences and the analysis of the creation of national culinary traditions.
He participates as a researcher in the activities of Númena – Research Centre on Social Sciences and Humanities and Socinova – Research Office in Applied Sociology.
He collaborated as a researcher in the Territorial Studies Centre of the ISCTE (Institute of Labour and Business Sciences) and in the Luso-American Development Foundation (Cegia). He was a college teacher (at the Egas Moniz Institute of Health Sciences and at the Faro School of Health Sciences of the University of the Algarve) and a secondary school teacher (at the Setúbal delegation of the Bento de Jesus Caraça Vocational School).
He is also an occasional reviser of literary, scientific and advertising texts, having been for many years a collaborator of Culsete Bookshop in Setúbal, where he lives.

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